Have you ever wanted to donate to a nonprofit organization that you would really like to help, but just do not have the finances to do it? 

THEN THIS OPTION TO “LIST IT FORWARD” (http://lif.ifflist.com) IS FOR YOU!

Instead of donating cash how about listing placing a classified ad, and donating the proceeds of the item to your favorite nonprofit?

Here is how  LIF”   (pronounced life) works:

This website List it Forward (LIF) is a classified ad site under our umbrella classifieds site Internet Family Friendly List at www.IFFList.com.  On the LIF website users can list a classified ad item (new or used product or a service), just like you would for any classified ad site.  However, at the time users place the ad, they designate a favorite nonprofit to donate the proceeds of the sale to.  LIF is a partnering with BuyitForward.com.  BuyitFoward.com manages collection and distribution of the donated proceeds to the designated charities.  A small transaction fee (currently $7/item sold) is collected and used for the management of the List it Forward transactions.  So whether the item sells for $20 (minimum) or $3000 the transaction fee is $7. LIF or LIST IT FORWARD is located at the web address:  LIF.lFFLIST.com.

How do I list an ad?

1) Create a free user account on the LIF website. 2) Login with your LIF account username and password. 3) Create your classified ad. 4) Designate the nonprofit you want the proceeds to go to. 5) When the item has been purchased, you will be emailed instructions as to who purchased the item in order to fulfill the transaction.

How much does it cost for my nonprofit organization to participate?  

There is no cost to for signup and participation of a nonprofit organization.

How do I signup my nonprofit organization to participate?

1) Create a free user account on the LIF website. 2) Login with your LIF account username and password. 3) Click on the link at the top of the page titled “Sign up your Non-Profit Organization” 4) Fill out online form and submit or print page fill out form and send to” a. Via email – admin@ifflist.com b. Via mail – List it Forward, 3432 Denmark Ave, Box 177, St Paul, MN 55123 5)     IMPORTANT – LET YOUR ORGANIZATION KNOW (emails, newsletters, etc.) OF THIS NEW OPTION TO DONATE A PRODUCT OR SERIVCE THROUGH LIF.IFFLIST.COM    


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